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You’ve been to the average networking event. You put on Spanx, wear your nice outfit, grab the heels, a stack of business cards and pump yourself up as you head to the event. You then arrive to find there is no structure  just you in a room mustering the nerve to chat it up with strangers. 

You’re working overtime trying to impress with small talk and schmooze your way through the crowd, only to end the night with a few business cards and no true connection, benefit or next steps. But you keep going, because networking is the key to success, right? 

That’s why we’re flipping the script and removing the small talk and the suits. You can leave your business cards at home too, because we actually get to know each other.

Chicago Boss Babes is the most casual networking group you’ll find in Chicago.

We’re here to make friends and authentic connections. We’re here to have honest conversations about what’s going on in your career, work through the challenges, celebrate the wins and laugh at the nonsense along the way. We’re not here to schmooze you, and you don’t have to wear any fabric that suffocates you. We’re here to support you on the journey to being whatever kind of boss babe you want to be.

And, oh yes. We absolutely brunch. 


Our focus.

We believe in women supporting women, and we provide a casual and fun platform to make that happen. We want to make authentic connections and expand your group of career-minded friends. Through the Chicago Boss Babes, we focus on:

Join us at one of our monthly boss babe brunches throughout the Chicagoland area.

Thought Leadership

Supporting each other doesn't end at brunch. Our blog highlights our incredible members.

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Authentic Networking

Chicago Boss Babes is for you. When you're a CBB member, you have instant access to our 70+ local members.


Our team.

Founded by two friends, we know how to make a welcoming space for our boss babes to connect and engage.
Chloe Daniels


Mae Fitzpatrick



Calendar of Events

We host monthly brunches and events to connect you to your local Chicago Boss Babes network.

April 2020-Cancelled due to COVID

When: Sunday, April 19, 2020, 12pm-2pm

Where: TBD

RSVP By: April 14, 2020

Topic: Anniversary Party!


May 2020--cancelled due to COVID

When: Sunday, May 17, 2020, 12pm-2pm

Where: TBD

RSVP By: May 14, 2020

Topic: Imposter syndrome


June 2020

When: Sunday, June 14, 12pm-2pm

Where: TBD

RSVP By: June 9, 2020

Topic: TBD


July 2020

When: Sunday, July, 19 12pm-2pm

Where: TBD

RSVP By: July 14, 2020

Topic: TBD



Hear it straight from those who attend. This group is inspiring and motivating.
“In a time where we as women are being asked to dig deep and go further than we ever have before, CBB takes us right there — and does so safely and lovingly, giving us the keys, the license and the wheels to find comfort in driving forward as our very best selves in our personal, professional and private lives.”  
Tamara Edwards

CEO of TE&Co.
Chicago Boss Babe Member

“I would recommend CBBB because the group is full of support and vulnerability. Through attending, my knowledge has expanded on various topics, including positive ways to handle situations in the workplace and life. Join this network of strong women because it is vital to have a place to share your experiences and be reminded you are not alone in your struggles and your wins.”
Alexis Meyer

Student/Athlete, Loyola University
Chicago Boss Babe Member

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“Chicago Boss Babe Brunch came along in a time of my life when I was really feeling a need for a sense of community. I am a small business owner and typically spend my days alone working from my apartment. I needed a group of people to be able to discuss work struggles with, celebrate wins with and to support in their own journey in the workforce. Most of the people in my world prior to finding CBBB were in the same industry, and I think there is a lot of value in connecting with a group of people who all have very different perspectives and experience. Each meeting I have attended has left me feeling energized and inspired by all the amazing ladies I have connected with!” 

Kristin "Baker Bettie" Hoffman

Trained Chef, Baking Instructor, Blogger, Recipe Developer
Chicago Boss Babe Member


What to expect from an event?


Our events are fun! This is not a stuffy networking event. Come as you would to any other brunch, coffee meet-up or happy hour.

Vulnerability &

We talk about the good side and the bad side of work life. We’re not afraid to be a little vulnerable as we share and work through our career struggles. We’ll shout “screw that!” right along with you. 


Have we mentioned brunch is fun? It’s our goal to make you feel like you’re meeting up with a bunch of your close girlfriends, even if it’s your first time at an event. With a group of like-minded, driven women, the conversation flows like no other. 


We started this group because we felt like we weren’t making authentic connections at traditional networking events where everyone seems to be looking for their next promotion. Instead, this is about providing a venue and format for everyone to be themselves and connect with women from all different industries. 


Our brunches are always once a month, and we also host other events such as co-working coffee meet-ups, book clubs and happy hours for different occasions.

Privacy &

What is said at our events, stays at our events. This is a safe space for our members to voice what’s going on at work without fear of it getting back to anyone.  You’ll never have to worry about your stories being told without your permission. 

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Our Blog

Thought leadership on "careering" brought to you by our very own members.

Chicago Boss Babe Blog

Our brunches lead to some pretty in-depth conversations about topics like sexism in the workplace, negotiations, finding your niche, switching careers or industries, and making the most of your current role.

We couldn't leave all the great information we've learned from our boss babes on the table just because the mimosas and avocado toast are finished. So we collaborate with our inspiring members to bring the thought leadership to you.

Blogs are written exclusively by our boss babes, and they are letting you in on their unfiltered insights.

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